g'head productins video and voiceover work

Joan Laqui sings a cover song by Caetano Veloso: Mimar Voce

Production of The Hacker Noon Podcast

Hacker Noon Theme

"Hacker Noon green: it's an RGB of 0 Red 255 Green and 0 Blue. It's ugly. It's noticeable. It's a work in progress. Like a code name to a coding project, to me, it is always in iteration."  -- David Smoke, CEO - Hacker Noon

Voiceover for Digital Ocean sponsor for The Hacker Noon Podcast

Derek Bernard hosting The Hacker Noon Podcast with guest Noam Levenson

Production of #DevStories

Hacker Noon Theme

A series of short stories from developers in tech at GitHub. 

Dane Lyons - CPO, Hacker Noon